Solving Problems by Dr.Roungkaw. Why do I have three layers of eyes?

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The result may vary depending on each person.

Why do some people make double eyelids but obtained to 3 layers of the eyelid? It is because some cases may have more eye problems than normal, therefore requires special surgical techniques and procedures more than the double eyelid surgery normally. Additionally, the unique double eyelid technique at Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic can solve the problem of the double eyelids to the right spot and solve all eye problems thoroughly by Dr.Roungkaw or Dr.Comepeerapon Siripakkaphant, who is an ophthalmologist making double eyelid surgery, the beauty of the eyes and skin at Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic, the original of double eye-lid with Medial Epicanthoplasty in Thailand. You can be confident that the double eyelid surgery here will give you results that are both safe and effective. Under the quality and meticulousness in every step of the double eyelid surgery. Since the cause of eye problems assessment of the eye layer before surgery, choosing the technique that is appropriate for each client and giving advice on how to take care of yourself properly after the surgery. 

Causing of making the double eyelid but obtained to 3 layers of the eyelid.

1. Caused by deep eye sockets and little fat in the eye socket.

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The result may vary depending on each person.

People who have eyes look deep and looking into three layers may be due to having less fat around the eye socket or atrophy of fat when getting older. It will start at the inner canthus of the eyes and spread to the entire eye socket. Double eyelid surgery for this group of people can be done by a doctor, who has enough expertise and considers the missing fat which may also use fat augmentation techniques during surgery. In this case, Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic will create double eyelids using deep eye patch techniques by transplanting fat from the belly, which can perform double eyelid surgery combined with fat transplantation at deep sockets. To solve deep eye problems not to be three layers and helps the eyes look natural and also a technique that can correct the eyelid that has been done too high to be smaller. 

2. Caused by eye muscle weakness, drowse eye, no balance of the eye or eye ptosis and
    eyelid drop

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The result may vary depending on each person.

Normally, the upper eyelid will cover the pupil in a direct view of about 1 mm. If more than this, it will be considered a condition of the eye muscle weakness. There is more than one crease on the eyelid until looking like three layers of the eye but if corrected it properly the third floor will disappear. Double eyelid surgery for this case, Dr.Roungkaw will perform double eyelid with the appropriate level of Levator Palpebrae Superioris. To exert more to be able to lift the eyelids better and solve the problem of eyes or drowse eyes as well.

3. Caused by doing the eye surgery before, the eyelid has incision as before and not plan for a good revision

4. เปลือกตามีรอยกรีดเดิม ที่เคยทำตามาก่อน_2.jpg


The result may vary depending on each person.

For example, not adding fat to the area where the eyes are high or deep, did not gouge the fascia fully or did not solve all problems could cause three layers of the eye. In this case, the doctor will perform a double eyelid correction that has been done by evaluating eye problems, how to plan for the solution the remedy requires surgery to remove old wounds, fascia, including silk knots buried underneath. Solve deep eye problems or the eyelid is too high by fat transplantation and then create a new eyelid to curve according to the individual's eye shape.

4. Caused by the old eye layer stay lower than the new eye layer

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The result may vary depending on each person.

In some cases, eye design is not good causing the eye to become too far apart it will result in seeing the old eyelid, but if designed well with appropriate distance including sewing in the right depth will cause the old eyes to see as little as possible, which the double eyelid results will be more beautiful. In this case, the doctor will design so that the old eye crease will be the lightest and least visible.


The importance of evaluating the eyelid before double eyelid surgery

Making a beautiful double eyelid not focuses only on the eyelid but depends on another component on the face such as eyebrows, deep of eye sockets, the eyebrow curve, cheeks or skin under the eyelid. All of this is a unique beauty that is different. It's not like you like this person and can use the same technique for the same result of the eyelid, but it depends more on the problems before doing it than our own eye. Evaluation of the eyelid before surgery in each case is very important. Not every case will do the same because each person will have different eye characteristics. So assessment and planning before surgery, therefore, is a matter that Dr.Roungkaw emphasizes and pays special attention to.

After undergoing surgery, the eyelid has not been folded. Not three layers of the eyelid. Let's delve into why and how to fix it.

1.  Less of open your eyes

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The result may vary depending on each person.
ผลลัพธ์การผ่าตัด ทำตาสองชั้น แตกต่างกันไปในแต่ละบุคคล

People who rarely open their eyes or accustomed to little opening your eyes because it's used to the single eyelid. After having finished double eyelid surgery, the eye will not fold along the line cut. Therefore have to use eye method to fold in the trace. In this case, you should follow-up an appointment to see the doctor examine the eyelid undergoing surgery and introducing the practice of opening eyes including eye contouring. The eyelid will return as beautiful as intended.

2.         Embossing block the folds of the eye

7. รอยนูนขวางการพับของชั้นตา ซึ่งทำให้ชั้นตายังไม่พับตามรอย_0.jpg


The result may vary depending on each person.

Embossing, which is early healing after double eyelid surgery. Obstructing It makes you look like the eyes have three layers of the eye but if embossing disappears, you will return to normal.

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