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Brighter Skin by Lovely Skin 

Every day, we have to face pollutions such as sunshine, dust and other factors which damage skin. Today we give factors which cause dark skin in order to solve problems directly.  


5 factors which damage skin

1. Sunshine is the primary factor of damaged skin. 

2. Be careful of UV and electromagnetic radiation from computer and smart phones. 

3. If you don't clean your face deeply, it can cause dark and acne problems. 

4. Lack of sleeping. 

5. Stress affects melanin production. 

When we know the factors which damage our skin, try to avoid it. Today we have treatment for rejuvenating and brighter skin from Lovely Eye and Skin by dr. Roungkaw.

Lovely Super Aura for bright, white and smooth skin , the premium treatment from Lovely Eye and Skin by dr. Roungkaw consisting of 


                   -  Lovely Eye and Skin mask such as Vit C mask, Albutin mask, Cavier mask and Hya mask.

                   - Phono is vitamin delivered to skin layer by Ultrasound  to reduce blemishes and brighten your skin.


                - Jet Peel is water delivering with 200 m/s speed to deliver oxygen to skin layer. This treatment is suitable for everyone even allergic people and no side effects. 

                - Meso Vit C for brightening and reducing blemishes.