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Khun A-ngun passed the impression after lifting the face with Wonder Hifu at Lovely Eye

Hello! My name is Patnicha Thanawuthikul or Nickname called A-ngun


I am a professional eyebrows designer, so I pay attention to the shape of the eyebrows, eyes, facial contours and skin firmness. Moreover, I also especially like beauty and take care of myself. Normally, when looking in the mirror, I will see my slim face, compact shaped, but as get older the skin began to sag and not as tighten as when I was young. It is causing a disproportionate face shape problem, therefore, I came to consult a doctor at Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic. Previously, I never took care of any facial skin before, but I used to have double eyelids with pull the eye muscles by Dr. Roungkaw. After that, I returned to do Ulthera Authentic to raise the eyebrows and around the eyes at the clinic, and the result that I receive is beautiful eyes and perfect skin around the eyes. I was very impressed with the results until becoming a regular customer because I was confident and trusted by the doctors at Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic the most, so I decided to come here again.


Dr.Non is a dermatologist at Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic and a professional in beauty care, including counseling and treatment for various skin diseases with experience working in leading private hospitals in Thailand. He introduced me to know the medical equipment called Wonder Hifu.

wonder hifu3_0.jpg

It is a new technology that helps to solve sagging skin problems, lift the face frame to be obvious. Furthermore, it also stimulates collagen in the skin for the skin to be as natural as possible.


After completing the Wonder Hifu, I immediately felt that my face was lifted. Similarly, the doctor handles gently, and I don't feel hurt. I'm okay about it. On the contrary, the results are still unclear immediately. You have to wait 2-3 months or more, but the first time you can feel it by yourself.


If anyone is interested in having an eye or skin treatment, please ask the Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic page directly. They always have new promotions.