The best eyelid surgery technique by Dr. Roungkaw

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The Special Technique of Double Eyelid Surgery by Dr. Roungkaw 

Are you those who are interested in double eyelid surgery and still wonder how many techniques that can solve your problems? Also, you don't understand how double eyelid surgery in Korean style is. To clarify your doubts, Dr. Roungkaw has given information and divided double eyelid surgery into 2 techniques including removing and not removing the excess eyelids. 

1. Double Eyelid Surgery with removing the excess eyelids 

Most people who have hereditary single eyelids normally have excess skin. When getting older, these problems are increasing including dropped eyelashes problem. Furthermore, these problems are found among people with double eyelids. Double eyelid surgery with removing the excess eyelids is the best technique to solve these problems and can get along well with ptosis correction. Also, the excess fat will be removed. After an operation, patients will get clearer and brighter eyes. This technique is also suitable for those who had done suture method to create new eye folds.  Nowadays, double eyelid surgery with removing the excess skin is popular in Thailand, western countries, and also Korea. 

To remove an excess eyelids must be needed specialized operation of the surgeon because it's combination between medical and art to design eyes. Every process including stitching is affected to eye folds. For suture method  is not permanent result and can cause many problems such as irritating and many eye folds. Double eyelid surgery By dr.  Roungkaw is stitching technique to make natural eye folds and provide permanent result. The lesion is normally recovered within a week and keloids are hardly found. In inclusion, double eyelid surgery with removing excess skin is considered as the best technique which can solve several problems and gives permanent result.


2. Double Eyelid Surgery without removing the excess eyelids 

Double eyelid surgery without removing the excess eyelids has been used for a long time but recently popular in Korean during the blooming of surgery. This technique is divided and has been known for several ones such as 3-spot-suture method, 1-spot suture method, micro and mini incision techniques, suture sewing, and hidden lesion technique. Double eyelid surgery without removing the excess skin is very popular technique among those who don't have the excess skin and fat because it is not leaving scar, doesn't need removing suture, doesn't design folds, and no need to stop much bleeding during an operation. 

However, double eyelid surgery without removing the excess skin is used non-absorbable suture to cling eyelids for making new folds. Yet there's still excess skin covering eyes after time passes. This is obstacle when putting make up. For some cases, there's high sewing to cling eyelids making unnatural look. 

Korean people are more suitable for double eyelid surgery without removing the excess skin than Thai people because of the hereditary structure of eyes. Korean people have larger eye balls and the excess eyelids are hardly found. Unlike Thai people, the excess eyelids and fat are normally found. Furthermore, the environment and UV are directly caused aging. There are both incision and non-incision techniques for double eyelid surgery in Korea. Mostly there are both in Korea but they prefer to do small creases and enlarge inner corners and lateral eyes. In contrast, big eye creases are popular among Thai people in order to be easy for making up. Although double eyelid surgery without removing the excess skin is interesting technique, it's not permanent and not appropriate for most Thai people. To primary evaluate yourself if you are suitable for this technique is applying double eyelid tape to see the excess skin. If there are skin or fat covering the tape, it's time for double eyelid surgery with removing the excess skin. However, better see the doctor to make sure which techniques are appropriate for you. 

To decide for double eyelid surgery, you should study pros and cons and consult with the specialized surgeon to be sure. Importantly, try to focus on surgeons' works not the advertisements or cheap price because if mistakes occur, it's not worth revising and waste of time.

3-point fixation double-eyelid surgery


Small incision double-eyelid surgery


1 point faxation double-eyelid surgery


Non-incisional double-eyelid surgery in case with excess skin results  in  protusion of skin over the lid crease


Incisional double-eyelid surgery in case with excess skin results in  good conture of the lid crease